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I'm David Reynolds,a holistic personal coach and writer who helps people to become healthier and happier.

It all started at the age of 14 when one day after a bad day at school I typed in 'how to be happy' on YouTube. I found a YouTube channel called which was at 80,000 subscribers in 2014, and I began to apply the advice in school and at home. I started to see things in a more positive way, and it changed my behaviour, and life became much better for me. In 2015, the YouTube channel started to make videos about spirituality, and I was introduced to the topic of spiritual enlightenment at the age of 15. With my naive mind I began to imagine if everyone around me knew the things I was learning, and what a wonderful place the world would be. Devoid of the cynicism that comes with age, I seriously began to imagine living in a world without crime, hatred, and psychological pain. The word I used to describe this world was 'paradise'.

I continued to study broadly, searching for the truth about who we are, what we are, why we're here, what death is, what happiness is, etc. I was fascinated by the idea of unconditional peace and the effect would have on my adult life- career, relationships, etc.Eventually, I started this website and began coaching, mainly in the areas of public-speaking and NoFap, as I've found these are the easiest subjects to help people with.

My main source of clients is from my Meetup groups, which are home to over 1200 people in total. You can explore them here.


Every one of us needs to speak, but not everyone is at the same level of speaking ability. Some people speak without conviction, clarity, confidence, and charisma.

With the right guidance, this can all change.

With my regular 1-to-1 clients, I take a holistic approach. Helping them not only to practice public-effective speaking techniques, but also with optimising their mental and physical health.

After having a public-speaking group for over 3 years and helping hundreds of people to improve, it's very easy for me to identify a person's areas for improvement and teach them the key insights they need to understand.

With things like self-esteem issues, it can take a while for my clients to experience a true, rock-solid self-esteem, but I embrace the virtues of patience and diligence in order to reach the mountain top with them.

Developing our public-speaking skills is an enriching journey of personal development which ultimately leads to a higher self-esteem and unlocking more of life.


NoFap is not just a modern personal development trend- semen retention has been practiced since recorded history. My 1-to-1 clients enjoy the highest quality guidance on how to take control of their sexual impulses, based on my years of study and practice. This leads to a more pure, energetic, and guilt-free life. 

General Coaching

David is often asked if he offers online coaching for other areas of personal development such as dating or business-related topics. Most of the time he can help, but consider having a converstion with him to explain your situation.

  • Bronze

    كل أسبوع
    • 1 hour session per week via Zoom
  • Silver

    كل أسبوع
    • Up to two hours of coaching per week
    • Access to one of the 7 virtues online programs
    • Detailed summaries of the most important insights
    • Practical tasks to complete each week
  • Gold

    كل أسبوع
    • Up to three 1-hour sessions per week
    • Priority scheduling
    • Detailed summaries of the biggest insights from each session
    • Practical
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