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Dating 💞

عام·89 عضوًا

You will never see a girl crushing and obsessing over a guy that give her all his attention and treat her special.

Instead she obsesses over some random dude who doesn't even really gives a shit about her.

Copied from someone else:


Stop approaching only the wømen you perceive you'll be comfortable talking to. Find the hot intimidating ones that make the dudes who approach them stammer.

Daily prayer / meditation has been part of tradition for thousands of years all around the world. Only in the last 100 years has humanity strayed away from it, with disastrous consequences for our mental health and relationships. Most people had a 1-to-1 connection with God, and there were three parts of a relationship: man, woman, and God.

Both man and woman knew that having a deep relationship with God prevents codependency.

Before entering a new relationship, it's important to make sure that being single isn't painful.


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