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Stage Orange in Spiral Dynamics represents a significant leap in human development, characterised by a focus on individualism, achievement, and the pursuit of success. It's a stage where people embrace rationality, capitalism, and a meritocracy-driven mindset.

However, it's important to note that while Stage Orange has many positive aspects, it also has its share of potential pitfalls.

One nuanced point about Stage Orange is that its emphasis on individual success can sometimes lead to a disregard for collective well-being. In the pursuit of personal achievements, people at this stage may prioritise self-interest over social responsibility. This can result in a competitive and materialistic society where the gap between the haves and the have-nots widens, potentially leading to social inequality and environmental concerns.

Furthermore, the relentless pursuit of success at Stage Orange can sometimes come at the cost of meaningful relationships and a sense of community. In the quest for personal…

Having solidly embraced Orange for the past 6 months to create my desired life situation, I will now be looking to embrace more of Green and spending more time in Green circles.

I will try to do this without losing touch with Orange, and the Orange circles which I’m part of, until my life situation has truly become my dream situation.

So I'm going to be attending a Meetup event for Green people called Mantra Vibes, where they play bongos, chant, and do other early-Green stuff.

I hereby offer interested parties a free half hour of SECOND TIER meditation plus questions about the meditation afterwards. If you can set this up via your Zoom any time in the week of January 24-28 David?! Would be great! Thanks in advance!!

Later, Peter

Video about how a morphological field works. Also in the journey through the consciousness spiral.

@Peter Kok Our podcast episode is coming out soon! Taking a while to upload 😵‍💫 Was a fun conversation, very much enjoyed it 👍🏼🌀


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