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عام·90 عضوًا

Feeling some beautiful summer vibes in October ☀️

David Reynolds
David Reynolds
Oct 28, 2023

It's less summery down here in Devon 😬 that's why I'll be driving across France and into Spain (or Italy) in a few weeks time. Just so I can escape the UK winter 😅

Currently on my way to Hampshire where I will get my new card which will allow me to pay for a one-way ticket to France. Because of Brexit I can only spend 3 months in Schengen countries so I'll be back in England in February. But, I could also spend 3 months in a non-Schengen country like Romania or Belarus! We'll see what happens 👀

Edit: just bought the ticket! 🙌🏼 will be arriving in France on November 14th in the evening.




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